Residential Land Development

Residential land development is the core of what we do. We purchase property in key locations; endeavor to learn as much about the property and community as possible; design a neighborhood that fits the site, the surroundings, and the market; acquire the necessary government approvals and permits; and then construct the "bones" for the new neighborhood. We then select the builder(s) to construct the homes and fill it with residents and the neighborhood is complete.

Development Consulting

With the same effort and concern for details as on our own properties, Pemtom can provide professional assistance to land owners who want to develop their own property or to just better understand what the possibilities are. We can help with 3 lots or 300 lots. In addition, if the City or other agency is proposing something that gives a land owner concern, Pemtom can represent that owner in the discussions and negotiations with the agencies.

Land Owner Representation

When Pemtom is engaged to sell a land parcel it first undertakes to study the land just as it would for a Pemtom development.
Pemtom understands from its own history that the sale of land is about far more than the property itself. Land held for generations many times represents an owner’s identity. The transfer of title must be done in a dignified and discrete manner. In addition, how the land is ultimately developed must be something of which the owner can be proud.
The Pemtom Land Company study includes not only discussing with the city planners how the property is guided but talking with any other government entity who can control the ultimate use of the property.
If necessary, Pemtom has retained engineering firms to review a tentative development plan in light of a site’s soils, topography, wetlands, and other factors. The next all-important step is to understand the current market for the land and its highest and best use. This last step includes not only a historic review of local absorption but talking to other quality land developers to gain their insights.
The final step is conveying this information to the landowner. We believe that a knowledgeable seller is underrated and a key component of a land sale.